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Organic Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Organic Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

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Our extra-large grow kits have 6.5lbs of certified organic mushroom mycelium in them, enough to grow 3+ pounds of mushrooms across multiple flushes. Just pull the circle off the back of the kit, mist it 2-3 times a day and you'll have your own crop of fresh pink oyster mushrooms in 5-10 days. All kits come with a misting bottle, humidity dome and detailed directions in the top of the box. 

How It Works

Our grow kit boxes contain a block of mushroom mycelium, illustrated directions, a humidity dome and a misting bottle. Mycelium needs light, humidity and fresh air to grow mushrooms. So to use our kits, you pull the circular cutout off the back of the box, cut an "X" in the plastic underneath and create a humid environment around the cut.

Humidity dome process 

You can use the included misting bottle and humidity dome (which is made from plant-based plastic) or you can set up a humidifier next to the kit for a lower-maintenance option. Within 5 days, you should start to see some growth and within 10 days you should be harvesting your first crop of pink oyster mushrooms!

We guarantee that'll get at least one crop of mushrooms out of our kits but it's possible to get much more. After your first harvest, replace the humidity dome and continue giving the mycelium a humid environment. Some of our customers have gotten up to 4 additional harvests from their kits.

Click here for the fully illustrated version of our grow kit directions.

Click here for a video tutorial with some tips and tricks for being successful with our grow kits.


After you receive the kit, you can store it at 45-50 degrees for up to 6 weeks or up to 3 weeks at room temperature.

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